Forest Therapy Walks

**Anchor yourself - rejuvenate in nature

Spending time in green spaces helps to relieve stress and ease anxiety. Our immune system gets a boost and concentration improves.

About Anchor Forest Therapy Walks

We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a two or three hour walk in Victoria's beautiful Gippsland environment. Trained guides invite you to slow down by offering simple exercises and activities which engage your senses and your natural curiosity to explore the world around you.

Walks and Activities

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About Forest Therapy

Forest Therapy is a preventative public health practice which offers an alternate way to manage stress and other modern lifestyle related illnesses.
It is a way of being in nature that helps us slow down and connect with the environment around us. By being attentive, walking slowly and opening all our senses, our bodies and mind relax and absorb the beneficial atmosphere of the forest.
Originating in Japan in the mid 1980's, Forest Therapy is now practiced in many Asian and European countries. Research confirms the many benefits of immersing ourselves in nature - lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower levels of the stress hormone Cortisol, decreased stress and anxiety, improved immune system function, improved mood, energy, concentration and sleep.

Our Guide Jane, lives in South Gippsland. She is a Certified and Accredited Forest Therapy Guide, completing her training in 2020.
Jane is passionate about providing opportunities for people to experience the beauty and healing atmosphere of Gippsland's natural environments. Her prior experience in the areas of human services and ceramics, inform her current guiding practice.


For information about our Spring and Summer walk calendar, please contact us via email.